Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders | United

Pro-Life Leaders Unite

Jan. 11, 2017, marks a historic date in the battle to defend all life – from conception to natural death – in the state of Iowa.

At 1 p.m. at the Iowa State Capitol, leaders from several of Iowa’s pro-life organizations publicly signed a document declaring their unified and unwavering support for the passage of pro-life legislation as part of the newly formed Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders.

What’s more, the group proclaimed their hope to protect all unborn children by supporting life-at-conception legislation that would effectively end the practice of elective abortion in Iowa.

It marks the first time in 44 years Iowa’s pro-life community has been so unified.

"Truly the potential is limitless in our efforts to save unborn lives and protect women when we commit to working together,” stated signatory Jenifer Bowen of Life Right Action.

“It is great to be a witness and a participant in such a historic pro-life event,” said signatory Bob Vander Plaats of The FAMiLY LEADER. “Never has society been so ready or the time been more right for change. This Coalition looking through a common lens with a singular focus, saving unborn lives, will help make those changes happen.”

State of Iowa
Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders Agreement

As we are all representatives of Iowa organizations with the intent to eliminate abortion and any of its related industries for both moral and legal reasons in our state;
As we all agree that the legislature of our state needs guidance from citizens and religious leaders to maintain its moral compass;
As we all agree that every life, from the time of conception, must have a voice and be protected by the laws of any moral state;
We hereby bind together under the name of God, without malice or ill intent, with unity of purpose and all deference and humility toward the cause, our organizations under this coalition with the following principles:

WE SHALL Represent the pro-life point of view before all public officials, accepting that some diversity of strategy may exist, but we all value saving lives of the unborn;
WE SHALL Train leaders and volunteers for effective social and political action, and dissemination of factual information, documentation and publications supporting the cause;
WE SHALL Inform pro-life voters about timely issues and legislation, and arm them with facts to aid our public officials in the completion of good and just works furthering the cause of protecting the unborn;
WE SHALL Challenge pro-abortion deception in the public arena;
WE SHALL Convert pro-choice or undecided citizens to the cause for LIFE with factual information, understanding and compassion.

Today, the pro-life community needs to play an active role in government like never before. If we are going to change policy and influence decisions, it is imperative that people of faith and moral fiber should commit to doing the hard work, with the forbearance and tenacity to achieve our goals without recognition to ourselves, but to give that glory to God.

We are driven by the belief that people have the right and responsibility to be involved in the world around them, and our coalition is committed to representing the pro-life cause and educating Iowans on the critical issues facing our society. We hereby pledge, with our signature to this document, to achieve these common goals presented here.

Signed this day of the 11th of January, 2017

Scott Valencia, Iowa Right to life
Bob Vander Plaats, The FAMiLY LEADER
Maggie DeWitte, Iowans for LIFE
Jim Burke, Iowa PAC for Life
Jenifer Bowen, Life Right Action
Laura Limmex, Restored by Grace
Steve Deace, Personhood Iowa
Kimberly Laube, Lutheran Family Service
Martin Cannon, Thomas More Society

Coalition Supporters:
Catholic Conference
Lutherans for Life